Our Values

  1. A church without walls but within biblical boundaries
  2. A church experiencing life-changing moments
  3. A church concerned about people & not cosmetics
  4. A church under apostolic leadership & accountability
  5. A church where people feel safe, respected & loved
  6. A church experiencing the supernatural presence of God
  7. A church with a Kingdom of God Culture
  8. A church reaching the lost, broken & enslaved
  9. A church unified, serving sacrificially in excellence
  10. A church influencing its community through social justice
  11. A church helping people to fulfil their destiny
  12. A church that is bible based & life applicable
  13. A church generously giving & creatively expressing itself
  14. A church that clearly communicates with integrity
  15. A church that is growing, balanced & healthy
  16. A church passionate about God in worship
  17. A church that believes in fathers and sons